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I don't earn a living from writing - sometimes I barely earn a living at all. I have multiple professions and diverse interests. Below are links to some of my other involvements. I can be reached through any of these sites, or your can contact me directly here: EMAIL DOUG
Steppin Out A sole-proprietorship television and video production company established in 1985, turning an interest in motion pictures into a lifelong career.
Total Home Handyman When the internet transformed television, I transformed my career, adding home maintenance and renovations to my work schedule.
Cowboys Hockey Hockey is my true passion, particularly the Richmond Cowboys Hockey Club that I manage and have played with for over 40 Years!
RIHL To play hockey seriously, you need a league. I have since graduated from the high skill competition of the Richmond Industrial Hockey League, onto the Cowboys over 50 team, but I remain the President of the RIHL.
50 Cent Guitar While I'm not much of a guitar player, I do know how to build them. The salvage and restoration of an old guitar bought for 50 cents was the inspiration of the 50 Cent Guitar Club. The club and guitar building is currently on hiatus, but I hope to revive things soon.