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Billy: The ExplorerBilly: The Explorer
Eye OrdealEye Ordeal
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Billy: The Explorer

Peril at Black Widow Peak is the first written and published of a series of adventures stories featuring Billy: The Explorer. However, it is not the first of Billy's adventures.

Billy is a factious character introduced at bedtime to my two daughters. After several adventures, it was they that encouraged me to begin to write the stories down.

In this adventure, Billy ventures into the wild where he meets some new friends - not all of them human. It is difficult for him to know if any of them can be trusted. Billy knows he's supposed to make good choices, but the right decision is not always clear.

Written: 2012

Published: 2019 with Amazon Kindle

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Eye Ordeal

Eye Ordeal is my first self-published book, conceived while laying face down for 8 days (by doctors orders), after a rather serious eye injury.

It chronicles a journey through darkness of sight and soul, questioning the power of prayer and the very will of God. If you have ever suffered or watched others struggle, you may have asked the same question. God's answer to me was simple, and personally profound.

Written: 2016

Published: 2018 with Lulu Press and Create Space Publishing

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